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Low Lily’s core founding members are married couple Liz Simmons and Flynn Cohen, both of Brattleboro, VT, who welcomed Natalie Padilla from Bozeman, MT as the newest member of the band last summer after Lissa Schneckenburger amicably parted ways with the band. Padilla's world-class fiddle playing is versatile; she has won fiddle championships in multiple styles including Bluegrass, Old Time, and Texas fiddle. Her sweet, clear voice blends beautifully with Cohen’s and Simmons’ in close three-part harmony – a major feature of their new music. With “Angels in the Wreckage”, produced by banjo legend Dirk Powell, Low Lily’s sound has veered more assuredly towards the roots of American music, though the original folk songs that are the hallmark of Low Lily’s sound remain at the forefront as they tackle such complex topics as love, loss, hope, justice, family heritage, and environmental destruction.

"Angels in the Wreckage"

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